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Bepots is a tool designed to ascertain the recyclability index of products and its implemention plan to minimize post-consumption impact. We believe the current waste crisis forces companies to understand the impact of their packaging and develop solutions to reduce or adopt new materials.


How recyclable are you?

In today’s world, the consumer simply being satisfied with the features of a product is not enough; we must consider its life cycle. We believe that waste is simply a design mistake and that we can spur a transition to 100% recyclability.

It is time to be part of the solution.

Today, companies can no longer continue to ignore the externalities they generate. The first step toward reconverting the impact caused by post-consumption is understanding the recyclability index of your products. Before we take action, we must understand the point of departure, to then come up with the best design to minimize the impact and explain to the consumer how to properly separate and dispose of the packaging of your products.

Choose the plan that best suits you


Being part of the solution means measuring your post-consumption impact with bepots and looking at how you can improve the recyclability of your products.