About Us

Our purpose is to drive social, cultural and environmental regeneration with the power of the market.

Emprendia was born from the conviction that change towards a new economy is possible. This path of transformation proposes to focus on people as leaders of change. We believe that the keys to evolution are the processes that arise from socio-environmental regeneration and the development of a holistic vision.

We are convinced that the new paradigm is built by aligning what we think, what we feel and what we do, and that we must discover it together through the power of conversations. That is why we are dedicated to accompanying brands to offer a Brand Experience that evokes emotions by promoting consumption habits that take into account people, the planet and their communities.

We believe these are the foundations for building a regenerative future based on the strength of the market.

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A brief review

Emprendia is constantly evolving. We were born in 2007 accompanying the transformation of organizations from a perspective that included sustainability and communication. In 2012 we became a certified B Company, being the first one in Argentina, because it offers us a system of constant internal review of our impact and purpose. Our desire is to always be genuine and authentic and to sustain a dynamic of permanent change because we believe that this is the best way to offer an integrated Brand Experience.

The value of

ou team

We create people-focused brand experiences

on people by broadening our focus to the community

to the community and the planet.

Pedro Tarak

Co-founder & Director of Propósitos y Visiones

Guillermo Schulmeier

Co-fundador & CEO

Federico Nahon

Partner & Director

Martín Bunge

Partner & Innovation Director

María Julia Beveraggi

Management & Culture B

Martín Bunge

Sustainability & Processes

Alejandro Dhers

Communication & Branding

Eugenia Cannici

Project Manager & Events